Energetic Exercises in the Open Program

The brain function is 95% to recreate the organs and everything moving in the body, but nowadays we use 95% outside in the world.


Why is it important to work with energy?

  • To protect your energy ist to protect your health
  • To grow good energy to balance it with the negative energy
    Balancing emotions like fear, frustration, anger and hate ...

  • To grow and educate your soul and the spirit
  • To make sure you don’t loose to much energy
    We all need energy to study, to work … but if we don’t build up energy, we only loose energy and the success we want in life is gone.
  • The Dao says: „If you keep more energy stored, than you have more chance to finish or get the things done and become successful.“

These days, our brains are so busy outside in the world, thats why we are so sick.

We’re Focusing on all those other things and not focusing inside our body!

Exercises like the Inner Smile (Dao Exercise) puts people right back into the body.

Multiply your organ energy first and you‘ll feel energy.

And than you meditate to move energy and you meditate out to take energy in.

Exercises from the Dao with Mitra

Transform negative Emotional Energy into Positive Energy with:

  • The Small Energy Cycle
  • The Inner Smile
  • The Six Healing Sounds

Other Daoist exercises, such as:

  • Activate the Chi in the Endocrine Glands and Organs
    The glands are stimulated and now release hormones, which then activate the organs connected to them, until the effect is felt in every cell of the body. The stimulation of the breasts has a special effect on the pineal gland, pituitary gland and thymus gland.

Das Dao der Revitalisierung – mit Dieter Stolzenburg

  • Respiratory teaching,
  • Pelvic floor training,
  • Exercise for the solar plexus,
  • Not only look young but get younger - the deer exercise.
    – based on the Dao.

Minoan Light Work of the New Age - with Mitra Sepidbarin

For this energy work / healing work Mitra developed, from the ancient knowledge of the Minoan civilization of Crete, very powerful techniques for the needs of the New Age. The exploration and connection of ancient Minoan symbols, such as the Discos of Phaistos, and its possible uses, as well as the ancient Cretan knowledge of earth healing, awaken the treasures of the so-called Minoer back to life.

What we practice?

  • Instead of constantly running our thoughts and our energy in the horizontal ... the collective consciousness ... out in the world ... in our job ... to dwell in everyday life,
    we learn to align ... to focus ourselves vertically by connecting with the earth and the cosmos.
  • Learning a very strong grounding and connection to the cosmos
    Important basis for all further exercises and healing work
  • Exercises for the Base Chakra
    Crete is also referred to as the base chakra of Europe
  • Purifying and activating the so important glands in the body, e.g. the pineal gland
  • Partner exercises
  • Working with the Discos of Phaistos

The Aim of the Energetic exercises

  • Bring imbalances in balance
  • Solving debilitating beliefs / views
  • Neutralization of cell storages
  • Relaxation and transformation of blockages throughout the body
  • Gain Consciousness

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