Meditation in the Open Program

Morning Meditation with Dieter

Every morning at 8:00 (30-60 min.)

Rather classical, Dao oriented meditation with mindfulness exercises.

About the Instructor:

Dieter lives since 1942 (birth) that Daoist philosophy respectively - lifestyle and up to 40 years of age unconsciously.Details / NoDetails

Pineal Gland – Meditation by Mitra Sepidbarin

Optional to the morning meditation with Dieter, after breakfast: approx. 10:30

Takes about 30-60 minutes depending on your patience.

These morning meditation is supported and partly led by Mitra Sepidbarin. The room is energetically cleaned and prepared each morning before meditation. The vibration field is raised as it is right for the group and each practicing person. The goal of these meditation is primarily to clean and activate the pineal gland. Details/No Details

Clinical Basics

From clinical research, we know that a calcified pineal gland limits its function and even stops working on larger calcifications. Details/No Details

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