Vegetarian and Vegan Meals at Notos Retreat on Crete

Vitality holidays with energy-rich, delicious food.

Crete also serves vegetarian and vegan dishes. Many ingredients come fresh from the garden and in organic quality. Let yourself be inspired or come by yourself so we can spoil you with culinary delights in your Crete holiday.


Depending on the season and availability I use fresh ingredients from our garden, as well as dried spices and tea (powder) from our vital plantation in our kitchen.

Enjoy completely private or in company

Meals are served in the common room or on the terrace. Here you are among like-minded people, can make new contacts and exchange about the experiences of the day.




Breakfast:      8:30 - 10:00

Lunch:                      13:00

Dinner:                     19:00           


Groups eat here together with their seminar leaders!

This picture does not show any of our dishes yet.
This picture does not show any of our dishes yet.

You would like to enjoy your breakfast in privacy on your terrace?
We can serve you breakfast between 8:30 a.m. and 10:00 a.m. on request in your studio or room. We also offer the same service for lunch and dinner.

This offer is for our Individual Guests only!


Choose the desired Veggie Meal-Package

Veggie Package Vitality Breakfast

Start each morning with one of our own home-grown teas, a green smoothie and a daily changing dish.

Of course, instead of tea, you can also get coffee, or you can try Caroffee (Carob coffee) made on Crete, the healthy and tasty alternative to coffee. Especially popular with our homemade Cashewmilk.

7 Days: 63,00€ / Person

Veggie Package
Breakfast - Lunch - Dinner

  • 7 times breakfast
  • 3 times lunch
    (or packed lunch for excursions)
  • 3 times dinner plus dessert

7 Tage: 135,00€ / Person

Green Smoothies & Warm Drinks complete the Breakfast

Look forward to delicious green smoothies with fresh vegetables, fruits, healing herbs and superfood from our organic farm.


Our vital teas from our own cultivation, such as Guduchi, Bitter Melon and Stinging nettle, Mint, Lemon balm or the for Crete well known Mountain tea and Dictamos, Sage.


Caroffee (roasted carob powder) and Frappe with Cashew milk are also worth a try.

o    Green Smoothies –depending from Smoothie and saison:

     – Herbs and Leafs –

      Chard, Heart Seed Leaves, Beetroot Leaves, a few fresh leaves of healing plants like   Moringa, Ashitaba, Jiaogluan, Gotu Kola, Balsam Pear, Stevia and Maca powder,

      possibly is also the powder of dried medicinal plants (depending on the season)

      Bananas, Apple, Pineapple, Pear, Lemon, Carrot, Avocado,

      Spring water, Almonds, Cashews ...

Some popular Dishes

This is not a fixed menu, but an example for our daily specials.

The ingredients can also vary as much experimentation takes place in our kitchen.


o    Sweet Salat – with grated

        carrots and apple, dried fruit, ever

        seasonal strawberries,

        apricots or grapes, light

        roasted sunflower seeds,

        pumpkin seeds, buckwheat flakes, olive oil,

        lemon, cinnamon and carob.

        Vegetarians might add Greek yoghurt.

o    Belgian Waffles

       Vegan waffles - with Tapioca Beer Cold Soup


         (in the non-vegan version with

         Greek yoghurt)

o    Vanilla Almond Overnight Quinoa –        Vegan – with quinoa, chia, almond porridge,

       Almond milk, vanilla, almonds, walnuts, and           Cretan Carob Syrup or Maple Syrup.

o     Greek Yogurt Quinoa Cup –    
         with banana, chia nutmeal pudding, raisins,           roasted coconut flakes, peanut butter,


         Honey and cocoa nibs (cocoa bean pieces).

o     Fruit - Cereal - Greek yogurt
         with watermelon, grapes, fresh

          dates (August), honey, Jiaogulan ....

o     Feta with Herbs and Rye Bread
         with yellow tomatoes, fresh herbs and

         healing herbs, such as oregano, basil,

         nasturtium, Ashitaba, ruccola ... and

          Olive oil.


o     Avocado Cream and Rye Bread
         with walnuts, oregano, basil,

         green onions, garlic ...


o    Fruit, Rye Bread, Spread, Cheese

        Homemade rye bread. In this

         Example with Graviera (sheep's milk       
Jam, honey, greek yogurt,   
         honeydew melon, strawberries and     
         boiled egg.


o    Millet with Fruit
Fruit cooked in pineapple juice, like apple,

        Pear, apricots, prunes, raisins, seasoned

        with carob and cinnamon. Served with

        Pumpkin seeds and sunflower seeds.


        Vegetarians might add Yoghurt.

o    Erdbeermarmelade mit Chia  
 von ca. Mai bis Juni,

      selbstgemachte Erdbeermarmelade  
      mit Chia Samen und selbstgebackenen                 Brot. Dazu Erdbeeren aus dem Garten,
      Olivenöl und Kräutertee.

      Für Vegetarier noch Griechischen Joghurt.

o    Vegane Haselnuss Creme  
 (ohne Zucker)

o    Quinoa Chia Bread – Vegan 

       (own Recipe)


o    Brot mit süßen oder herzhaften Aufstrichen– z.B. Nussmus,     Schoko/Nussmus, hausgemachte vegane Marmelade, Griechischer Joghurt, vegane Frischkäse, Tahini/Sonnenblumen/Petersilien Aufstrich, Humus aus Kichererbsen …

o    Griechischer Joghurt mit Obst und Honig

Zu jedem Frühstück gibt es wahlweise Tee aus frischen oder getrockneten Kräutern, wie Minze, Brennessel, Stevia … 

Kaffee oder Caroffee mit Cashewmilch.

Lunch and Lunch-Packages

o    Griechischer Salat – mit Tomaten,                Gurken, Paprika, Zwiebeln und Feta,
       dazu Brot

o    Tabouleh – Arabischer Burghul und

       Petersiliensalat, dazu Humus, gebratene        Auberginen und Brot

o    Gemüsebratlinge 
 vegane Gemüsebratlinge mit Salat und         veganen Dip 
oder vegetarisch mit   

o    Sandwich mit Tahini -
     Sonnenblumen Aufstrich und
     frischer Petersilie 
 dazu Salat oder
      auch mal rohe Gemüsesticks (z.B.
      Paprika, Gurke ...)

o    Fava – griechisches Püree aus gelben
       Erbsen, vegan 
Salat und Brot

o    Spaghetti mit Tomaten Pesto –  
      Tomaten, Mandeln, Sonnenblumenkerne,       Kräuter, Knoblauch, Zwiebeln, Gewürze.         Für Vegetarier mit Feta.

o    Spaghetti mit Basilikum -  
     Ruccola Pesto
Basilikum, Ruccola,           
Pinienkerne, Knoblauchnoblauch. Für
      Vegetarier mit Parmesan oder

o    Avocado Karotten Schnitten –               mit Grünen Zwiebeln, getrockneten         
      Tomaten, Black Salt, auf Roggenbrot.

o    Gebratene Auberginen  

       dazu veganer Dip (z.B. Tahini,      
       Avocado), Salat mit Rucola oder      
       auch mal rohe Gemüse Sticks
       (z.B. Paprika, Gurke ...), Basmati

o    Veggie Teller   

        mit verschiedenen geriebenen Rohkost-         Gemüsen, wie Rote Beete, Zucchini,  
        Gurke – Tomate Kräuter, Salate,
        Dips wie Tzatziki, Tahinicreme,    
        Avokadocreme ..., Gemüsebratlinge
        oder gebratene Auberginen. 



o    Palak Paneer  indian meal –

       Homemade paneer made of fresh sheep's milk,

        Fresh spinach cooked with Indian spices,

        like garam masala and coriander and ginger ...

        with basmati rice.


o    Chard Paneer  Indian meal –

       Homemade paneer made of fresh sheep's milk,

       fresh chard cooked from our garden with

       Indian spices, such as garam masala and cilantro

        and ginger ... plus basmati rice.


        Depending on the season - if we have chard in the garden we cook Chard Paneer and   
        otherwise Pala 
Paneer, if there is to buy fresh spinach.

o    Vegetable Skewers with Paneer
Vegetable skewers with different vegetables and

        Paneer cheese made from goat or sheep's milk, served
        with basmati rice and yoghurt cream, or basil 
Ruccola          pesto.

o    Gemista  Greek meal – Vegan
       filled tomatoes, paprika, chard - vegan filling of rice,       
       tomatoes, herbs and spices.

       Vegetarians might add Tzatziki.

o    Ghorme Sabzie mit Paneer  Persian meal –          

      special dried herbal mixture of leek,

       parsley, coriander leaves, fenugreek leaves,

       spinach; cooked with "Limo Amani" (dried

       limes), kidney beans and homemade paneer made from
       fresh sheep's or goat's milk. In addition Basmati Rice.


o    Pizza Ashitaba – mit Mangol und gelben  

      Tomaten, Feta oder anderem Käse


o    Bharwa Karela 

      Dieses indische Gericht gibt es ab Juli.

      Bittermelonen aus unserem Garten, gefüllt mit        

      gewürztem Kartoffelbrei (Kreuzkümmel,    

      Amchur/Mangopulver, Garam Masala, Koriander,

      Kurkuma, Ingwer), im Ofen überbacken und dazu eine

      pikante Tomatensauce.

o    Stew with eggplants and Panner -
      Gheimeh Bademdschan

       – Persian meal –  Tomatoes, carrots

        Turmeric, fried eggplant, Limo Amani

        (dried limes), homemade Paneer made of fresh     
         sheep's milk and served with basmati rice.


o    Green Beans – vegan
       Green beans with Unripe spelt grain and tomatoes, add

       Basmati rice.


o   Beetroot – with brown rice, dressed in          olive oil, lemon, garlic, curry.

      Toasted sunflower seeds and

       Pumpkin seeds.
       For vegetarians with Greek yogurt.

o    Broccoli with Candied Almonds

       In addition brown lentils chutney and brown rice with

      Turmeric and raisins.


o    Okra Pods with Potatoes

       Steamed okra pods, tomatoes, onions,

       garlic, parsley and potatoes..


o    Carrot Soup with Couscous and Feta

       Carrots, onions, garlic, parsley, mint,

       lemon, walnuts and couscous ...


o    Fan potatoes – with fried

       vegetables, e.g.eggplant slices,

       zucchini, mushrooms, humus,

       Tahini sauce or tzatziki.

o   Vegetable Pan – potatoes, zucchini,   
     balsam pear, cucumber, garlic, onions,   
     For vegetarians with Feta.

o   Vlita – with potatoes or rice, dressed in

        Olive oil, lemon, garlic, curry.

o    Chard – with potatoes or

        Rice, dressed in olive oil, lemon,

        For vegetarians with parmesan.

Extras und für Zwischendurch



o   Grüne Smoothies – bis 14:00 h (Sommerzeit) empfohlen –

o    Jiaogulan Tee

o    Ashitaba Tee

o    Gotukola Tee

o    Moringa Tee

o    WU WIE ZI Tee (Schisandra Beeren)

o    Angurate Magentee aus Peru

o    Kräuter Tee – Minze, Brennessel

o    Salbei Tee

o    Griechischer Kaffee

o    Kaffee schwarz

o    Milchkaffee oder Caroffee (Carobkaffee)– mit Cashewmilch oder Mandelmilch

o    Frappe (Kaffee, Carobkaffee oder Getreidekaffee) mit Mandelmilch, Cashew Milch, Schafsmilch oder Ziegenmilch und Eiswürfeln

Homemade Eiscreme 

(verschiedene Sorten, je nach Saison und Verfügbarkeit):

o   Ashitaba Maca Cashew Ice Cream  

     Vegan & ohne Zucker

     Das gesündeste Eis der Welt schmeckt           auch noch sooo lecker. Ashitaba ist ein
     wahres Multitalent unter den     
    Heilpflanzen. Mehr über Ashitaba lesen

    Zutaten: Cashewmilch, Ahornsirup,
    Datteln, Ashitaba, Maca, Avocado...

o   Vegane Schoko Ice Cream  


       Cashewmilch, Ahornsirup, Datteln,                 Kakao ... (ohne Zucker), darüber in      
       Carob-Likör eingelegte Rosinen,

       Serviert auf veganen belgischen Waffeln

o   Salted Carmel Ice Cream  


       Cashewmilch, Ahornsirup, Datteln ...
      selbstgemachte salzige Caramelsoße

Vegane Walnuss Eiscreme

 Cashewmilch, Ahornsirup, Datteln,     

Desserts, Kuchen und Gebäck

o    Vegane Quinoa Waffel – mit    

       Cashew Eiscreme und Schokosoße
       – ohne Zucker und ohne Öl – dafür aber         super lecker

o    Vegane Schoko Muffin – mit    

       bitterer Schokolade, Avocado, Banane            und Walnüssen.

o    Karotten Walnuss Kuchen

      – vegan –

o    Vegane Schoko Mousse – 

       (ohne Zucker)

o    Energiebällchen, vegan
        Unterschiedliche Sorten
        Basis: Sonnenblumenkerne, Mandeln,  
        Chia Samen, Olivenöl, Zitronensaft oder         Limettensaft, Datteln

        Je nach Sorte und Saison, Zugabe von:
        Getrockneten Erdbeeren, Gojibeeren,
        Kakao, Carob, Rosinen, Kokosnuss,    
        Moringa, Maca, Jiaogulan …

o      Müsli Kekse mit Emmamehl

o  Curry Cracker mit Emmamehl

o     Obstkuchen, vegan

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